Sunday Scoop and a Giveaway!!!

Well, today is my birthday so I burned the midnight oil for this. I am linking up with Teaching Trio.

3 Things…

-I got some online Bible studies to finish. I am starting one tomorrow. I am excited to also finish preparations for other studies such as the prayer study that will go with Love God Greatly. 
– Still got to work on TPT Products that will go well with the scheme of the Birthday theme. My sale will start Monday. 
-I am going to make a switch to WordPress later this month. Watch for my announcement about the switch. 
2 Things…
-I am going to rest and get ready for tomorrow. Road runner here needs to get at least two hours of sleep. 
-Cold weather exercise can really help a girl… Especially one that needs it after the holidays. My New Year’s Resolution is to be more healthy. 
1 Thing…
Well, today I am 26 years old. I am celebrating my birthday with a big extravaganza.


 First, my store is going on sale tomorrow. The code will be birthday26. Second. I am celebrating with giveaways from my store for the lucky people who won. I will announce the winners next Sunday. Isn’t that fun.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Join the giveaway and hope to see you soon. good luck with the contest. 

January Pick 3 Linky

Well, today is my birthday so I am linking up with some of my blogging buddies for their Pick 3 Pinterest Linky Party.

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Well, we all wish for snow…well me only. But, this activity is perfect to use for a snow day. The kids would be able to visualize catching snowflakes with their mouths.

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 Who loves Jan Brett? Her activities and books are perfect for this season. One of my favorites is The Mitten.

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It is never too late to celebrate New Year’s. This is perfect to use one day when it comes to making goals and resolutions as well.

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Hope you all have a great day!!!


January Currently

Happy New Year!!! I am linking up with Farley for her Currently!!

Listening: Who loves the Beatles?  I am listening to them on Spotify. Yes, I am young to remember the Beatles but I adored them partly because I was a music education major for awhile. I am jamming out to them while working on TPT Products and working on my blog design and switching to WordPress.

Loving: I stayed up at midnight and then went to sleep. I love the first day of New Year because for me that would mean going to a new slate again. 
Thinking: I do have a Birthday week coming on Sunday and I need to focus on the sale that I am having and along the way a few moments of linkies or what not. 
Wanting: I need to take a trip next Birthday to visit some teachers-authors and spend time with them. Along with going on trips to different spots and vacations. 
Needing: Same as wanting. Already got one great gift is that Mississippi State won their bowl game. So, what trip is best to go on. 
One Little Word: I picked Courage because of the fact that I need to take chances and also jump all in for what would happened. 
Link up with her and check out some below. 

Sunday Scoop 12-27-15

Well, I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop linky.

3 Things…

-I am working on a few TPT products. I recently added another one into my store. I also opened up a Teacher’s Notebook store and is excited to see what they could provide. 
-My Birthday week is coming up soon. I am celebrating with a giveaway to be announced soon. 
-I need to work on the online Bible studies and be more prepared for what is to come. Wish me luck this coming year. 
2 Things…
-OK. Last week, there was severe weather and my intense fear of thunderstorms and tornados (post coming soon about how to handle fear). My rest went down a lot. Also, trying to not have your house be flooded can bring stress as well. 
-New Year’s Eve is coming soon and I am excited to see what it is. 
1 Thing…
I have two announcements…well three if you don’t mind. The first announcement is that I will be turning 26 so get ready for the most awesome thing to happened. Second, I am celebrating two years of love with my love. Also. I will be an aunt in about two months. I will be having a baby nephew and I will spoiled the child. Watch and wait. 

Have a great day and link up with them as well.

Sunday Scoop 12-20-15

Well, I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop!!!

Things I Have To Do…
~Finally, I get to rest. I love Holiday Week when it comes to rest.
~I get to use this week to work on my TPT products of what to do for the giveaway that I am hosting on my birthday week.
~Before the whole “Jasmine is getting married” comes around, the dress is for my friend’s wedding the day before I turn 26. I love weddings and wish that my beautiful bf of two years is with me.
Things I Hope To Do…
~I need to work on my New Year’s Resolutions, which include more blogging. Seemingly, I became lazy with the blogging.
~I missed online PD and is wanting to do it soon. I cannot wait to see what I learned this week.

What I Cannot Wait For…
Santa is coming. Storytime is still on so right now I am reading Twas The Night Before Christmas and Santa Claus is coming to visit for the little kiddos.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Sunday Scoop 12-13-15

Love that the holidays are closer so I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop.

3 Things I Have To Do…
~Today is a busy day!! I got a children’s Christmas program, followed by a Christmas meal and an acapella choir practice. I will be able to make it.
~ Finished working on a few TPT products and is getting my store ready for…
~Birthday Giveaway!!!! I am hosting a giveaway that will be good for others to have traffic to their blogs.

2 Things I Hope To Do…
~ Rest. Enough said.
~I been praying that I will be able to start a blog design business, right now it is in the early stages. Wish me luck.

1 Thing I’m Happy To Do…
I am turning 26 next month. I am excited to be closer to 30 years old.

I know that this is brief, but I am busy with a lot this week. Link up with them and what are your holiday plans?

Sunday Scoop 12-6-15

Well, it looks like I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop.

I had s very productive week so here goes…

3 Things…
1. I am working on next year’s Bible studies and I am ready to lead others into God’s Word and focus on His never changing love. 
2. With December coming up soon, I am working on a few linkies for the new year as well as a new blog design. 
3. I want to relax. I am like the Energizer bunny and there are times that I want to relax. 
2 Things…
1. I need to exercise because I kinda cheated no thanks to temptation. I am in desperate need to remind myself to drink water every day. 
2. Working on TPT products can be challenging, but fun. I am blessed to work with a great group. Also, I am thinking of a collaborative blog or products to work on. 
1 Thing…
We are celebrating my birthday month in January and I am debating on a celebration to focus on the birthday. I am working on products that would be good for sale. So I think I need to relax for a bit. 
Link up with them and have a good day.